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Muskrat Guards
Protect your transducer cables, speedometer tube and your speed and temperature cables from Muskrats and other water hazards by installing this stainless steel protection system. There is no need to remove the cables from the boat to install the system. It can be installed on most boats while the boat is still in the water.

With the protection system installed your transducer and speedometer pickup still maintain the ability to "kick up" if they hit something in the water or sliding the boat onto a trailer. Some protection methods that have been used make the transducer and speedometer pickup rigid, which exposes it to being broken off if they come in contact with floating debris or while putting the boat on a trailer.

Each kit comes complete with 2 feet of helical stainless steel which has been powder coated (black), which is enough to accommodate most installations (two kits can be used if more length is required), 3 all weather clamps, 3 stainless steel screws, 3 stainless steel washers and installation instructions.

Don't take a chance with just another layer of plastic for the Muskrats to eat or some rigid cover that will subject the units from being broken off. Install our system and don't worry about the critters or other water hazards.

The price is $19.95 USD

Dealer inquiries are welcome. See the dealer info page.
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